HGTV Destroys Buzzfeed With One Tweet

HGTV Destroys Buzzfeed With One Tweet
In this March 29, 2016 photo, Joanna Gaines, left, and Chip Gaines pose for a portrait in New York to promote their home improvement show, "Fixer Upper," on HGTV. (Photo by Brian Ach/Invision/AP)

The non-troversy created by Buzzfeed’s now debunked article on Chip and Joanna Gaines, the hosts of “Fixer Upper” was squashed by HGTV in a written statement but sometimes a tweet is worth a thousand words.

The ratings are in and America loves the Gaines’ family values. The popular TV Hosts were attacked by for attending a church where the pastor teaches that Homosexuality is a sin.

Only they never confirmed the story, instead they went forth with their assumptions. Kate Author wrote the inflammatory clickbait article, just days after she was lamenting Trump voters on HGTV programming. It’s never made clear how, Author came to the conclusion that Trump Voters were the bulk of HGTV guests, however it appears that she felt slighted by all those in Waco, Texas benefitting from the skills of the talented build and design team.

Hundreds of thousands of clicks later, HGTV responded and Buzzfeed has updated their story to the tune of more clicks.

Whatever the intention of Ms. Author and the editors at Buzzfeed, Chip and Joanna Gaines have gotten quite a bit of free media for their efforts. Drawing more attention to the already popular show, giving them the number one ratings for all of cable during their season premiere.

While the Culture War may be on in America, so far at least the good guys are winning this battle.

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