Donald Trump Plays The Media, Again.

You can say one thing about President-elect Donald Trump, he knows how to make the political journalists jump. Trump sends out one tweet and they’re all scrambling to condemn him in as many words as possible. Never pausing for a moment to think about how their instant rejection merely amuses those who voted for him. It’s not just the Left that didn’t learn anything from the election. Trump is playing everyone for the fools they are.


Trump didn’t just defeat the MSM in this election, his win defied all conventional wisdom and upset the Poli-Sci apple cart for many on the right as well. When you read through all the think pieces today, keep that in mind. Trump’s voters and supporters have an understanding of who they voted for and why. They know who he is and it doesn’t matter.

“His voters take him seriously but not literally, the media takes him literally but not seriously”. This quote has made the rounds, but I first read it in a story by Salena Zito. She was the reporter that CNN dubbed, the “One person who got it right”, it being the election. Zito nailed the heart of the Donald Trump campaign with this quote. Others would be wise to pay attention and not be as dismissive of Trump’s tactics.

That’s what this is, a tactic. Every time Trump tweets out an outrageous comment, the media is already falling over themselves to cover it with all the “smart takes” without realizing this is who many voted for in November. The guy who doesn’t care what the media thinks or says. He knows that by saying outlandish things via his twitter account, he will keep those who get paid to write about him for a living quite busy, meanwhile his supporters don’t care. Please see the previous quote, repeat it, memorize it or it’s going to be an excruciating four years.


Many of Trump voters don’t trust the Media and don’t necessarily differentiate between the sources. This is a trap the right leaning media has fallen into already, so here’s hoping that changes before January 20th. The constant hand-wringing from those who didn’t support Trump, is both amusing to his voters and irritating.

There has been a great deal of discussion about “elites” but little in the form of definitions. Allow me to help, the “Elites” aren’t just Democrats. The “elites” are those who sit in judgement of the normal people. Everyone who voted for Trump isn’t a “redneck”, a racist or a coal miner. It’s insulting that so many have taken that narrative and made it their own, especially those on the right. There is a solid disconnect between the voters and the media on all sides, however Trump voters are more likely to ignore you if you condescend to them along the way. Trump knows this.

Trying to stop Donald Trump from tweeting is like trying to stop President Obama from sending out selfies. It’s not going to happen. However as all those in DC and New York media continue to go into apoplectic fits each time Trump tweets, many will tune it all out as being the natural response regardless of what he does. So everyone might want to pace themselves with the outrage and twitter jokes it could get old fast.


Of course his tweets are going to get coverage, but maybe we could tone down the sarcasm and just report what he says? His actions and his words rarely meet in the middle anyway, something his supporters understand. Trump won this election in spite of the media coverage, not because of it, that’s a lesson all of us should learn.


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