Trump Tweets: Lashes Out at Hillary's Hypocrisy on Recount

It’s the election that never ends, Jill Stein is demanding a recount in Wisconsin, and Hillary Clinton’s attorney has said she would join the fight. This is not sitting well with President-elect Trump. He responded yesterday to Stein’s effort calling it a scam, when he found out that the Clinton campaign would be signing up as well, Trump took to Twitter to air his grievances.



Think what you will about Trump, if he had pulled this three weeks after a loss, the media would have crucified him and rightfully so. At this point Hillary Clinton and the Democrats can use Jill Stein and the Green Party to to their dirty work. They can support the effort without being the face of the recount.

For her part Jill Stein seems to be enjoying the spotlight, she’s elevating her profile along with the Green Party. However it does make me wonder if it will appease the Clinton supporters. I don’t believe the recount will change any of the results and neither does the White House, so what is the point of this recount? It’s looking more and more like the scam, Trump called out.
This tweet hasn’t aged well, but it does show just how far the pendulum has swung. It also give Trump more ammo to use against Clinton. She made such a huge deal about accepting the results in the event She won, that it opened the door for criticism when she lost.

Just four short weeks ago, Hillary Clinton and her supporters were so confident in her victory, they never imagined being on the losing side of the election. Perhaps this wouldn’t be so troubling if this wasn’t becoming a pattern for Democrats. After the 2000 election, they questioned George W Bush’s legitimacy endlessly, crying “Selected Not Elected” literally until Barack Obama took office. The Democrats are coming off not only as “sore losers” but as the party that doesn’t respect free elections. Between the post-election riots and now the recount, Americans might start to believe that Democrats don’t respect their vote.


Nothing in politics has life long effects, people change their minds quickly, it won’t take long for the public to sour on Clinton, as she is already a mixed bag for most. It remains to be seen just how the people will react to continuing an election cycle that everyone was thrilled to have end. Meanwhile, Trump will take his case to the election fatigued public that she wants to keep it going because she lost. This can do nothing but improve his approval ratings, as most Americans just want the election to be over, we’ve got governing to do.



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