Kellyanne Conway: Romney Pick Would Be A Betrayal To Trump Voters

Kellyanne Conway is making the rounds and making waves on Sunday Morning Shows today. She explained onthat she would respect whatever choices President-elect Donald Trump makes, but her actions call that into question. Conway goes on record, that a selection of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State would be seen as a betrayal to the Trump supporters.

Kellyanne on State of the Union with Dana Bash:

“I’m all for party unity, but I’m not sure we have to pay for that with secretary of state position,” Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union.”

She added: “It’s just breathtaking in scope and intensity the type of messages I’ve received from all over the country … the number of people who feel betrayed to think that Gov. Romney would get the most prominent Cabinet post after he went so far out of his way to hurt Donald Trump.”

This does make one wonder what is being said behind closed doors, if Conway feels the need to attack Romney in such a public way. Does this mean a Mitt Romney pick is eminent and this is cover fire? Or is this just an attempt to smear Mitt Romney for his disloyalty to Trump?

Conway then took to twitter to defend her remarks:

One thing Kellyanne gets right is that it’s Trump’s call to make and we’ll find out soon enough.

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