7 Steps To Surviving Thanksgiving

The election hangover hasn’t worn off yet, and Thanksgiving is only a few days away. Seems everyone with an IP address has suggestions about how to properly handle any uncomfortable situations you might find yourself in around the Holiday Table.


I have a long history of difficult family situations and consider myself an expert on the Topic. So I’ve put together a short list of things you can do to guarantee you survive Thanksgiving this year.

1. Don’t Talk Politics. Regardless if your guy won or not, this election was one of the most divisive in our history so maybe just skip that entirely for the day. Find out what your brother in law does for a living instead.

2. Drink. Always keep Rule #1 in the back of your mind, but alcohol is the social lubricant we all need around the holidays. (If you’re in Colorado, or one of the other states that has legalized Marijuana, Smoke, Eat, etc are acceptable substitutes). Just don’t over do it, no one wants to be the person who spends Black Friday apologizing to everyone for their behavior the day before.

3. Relax. We say this a lot in our Culture. Just “Relax”. We know this is easier said than done, but if you’ve chosen to spend Thanksgiving in the company of Family or Friends, you had your reasons. Relax, enjoy your time together. No one is judging you anymore than you are judging them. Take it in. Breathe.

4. Eat. One would think this is a given, but in our Carb conscious world, Thanksgiving dinner can give people anxiety attacks over our bountiful food supply. As, Mrs. Claus said famously to Santa in “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, “Eat Pappa, Eat!” Enjoy the blessing of having a full table and full stomach, do so with gusto. Don’t count calories, carbs or fat content, just for the day. Free yourself. Endulge.


5. Watch The Parade. Nothing is more awkward than the silences while the food is being prepped, thankfully the managers of New York City and Philadelphia have you covered. Turn on the parade. Sure the performances are wildly inappropriate at times, think “Kinky Boots” and dreadfully boring, it does however fill the dead air. You can make fun of the unusual pairings of the floats and performers. Look for a band from your home state. Create a drinking game of it if you must, but trust me on this, the parades are your friend. Everyone is happy at the Parades. It rubs off on you.

6. Watch Football. Not just because my Steelers are playing on Thanksgiving this year, but because it’s part of the greatest American tradition. The games are often subpar, that just allows you to sneak in a nap if you need one. We know that on Thanksgiving we’re going to see the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys, every year, no matter what. There’s something to be said for that kind of consistency. It’s comforting. Yes. comforting.

7. Be Thankful. Whether you’re spending Thanksgiving with your entire family around a huge table with leaflet insertions or if you’ll be eating Turkey for one this year, be Thankful. Take a moment to absorb all that you’ve experienced since this time last year. Use this day to focus on the things in life that matter to you, lessons you’ve learned then acknowledge your gratefulness. We all have rough patches in life, and we may not always feel like we’re blessed, but it doesn’t take but a second to realize that just waking up in the USA every day is a reason to give thanks.



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