John Oliver: Reject Trump, Donate to Planned Parenthood

HBO’s Last Week Tonight Host,  John Oliver used his platform of to tell Americans they should reject the current President-elect, Donald Trump.  Oliver who seems to see himself as the heir to the Jon Stewart throne, tell his viewers that Trump shouldn’t be “normalized”.




While Oliver wailed with grief over the loss of Hillary Clinton, he took the time to also do some fundraising for Planned Parenthood as well. Planned Parenthood and a number of other left leaning organizations, actually. They’re panhandling for Planned Parenthood, as he tells us to reject Trump’s Presidency. Because that’s what matters most America, that Planned Parenthood not lose its federal funding, everything else it’s window dressing, I guess.

“F— 2016.” That was John Oliver’s message to his audience, blowing up a number of famous faces in pop culture during his final segment of Last Week Tonight of the season. Here’s hoping it’s the the last season. America doesn’t need to be lectured by celebrities nor comedians, we’re good.


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