Antonio Brown to Honor Pat Tillman On Cleats

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, Antonio Brown will be honoring Pat Tillman this weekend in his pre-game warm up for Veterans Day via his footwear. The tribute is part of Brown’s cleat collection that have alternated each week featuring Muhammad Ali and Arnold Palmer to name a few.


Brown has been fined for his choice in footwear as well as his post touchdown dances, his over the top antic are too much for many football fans. While others see him a much needed ray of sunshine in what in many ways has become the “No Fun League.”.

The all-pro wide receiver tweeted out his plans to honor Pat Tillman, former Arizona Cardinal turned Army Ranger killed in combat, on Veteran’s Day.

As a Steelers fan, I respect Antonio Brown’s decision to honor a real life hero like Pat Tillman. One would hope that Roger Goodell could look the other way for fine this week, but that’s unlikely. So to be honest I pray that Brown keeps them on only for warm ups, so as to not penalize the rest of the team. (and Steeler Nation)

This tweet seemed to echo the sentiments of many of the responses to Brown’s decision:

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