Roger Goodell Is Bad For The NFL and America

Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League told Sports Illustrated in an interview that Donald Trump’s behavior was hard to explain to his daughters. My hatred for Goodell runs deep, but I think even non-football fans can see the delicious irony in this statement. The NFL has been run into it’s worst ratings in years, under Goodell’s tutelage, now he wants to dip his toes into politics too?


This is the same guy who has allowed domestic violence to turn into a locker room joke and he has a problem with “locker room” talk.

In October, a recording surfaced of Trump bragging about sexual assault, saying he could grab women by the genitals because he was a celebrity. Trump later defended the comments as “locker-room talk.”

Goodell said those types of comments would make the NFL’s goal of reducing domestic violence incidents within the league more difficult. He also said it was difficult to explain to his family.

Note that Goodell doesn’t mention the actual cases of Domestic Violence in the NFL as something that is difficult to explain. When pressed on the number of very real abuse cases that have been poorly handled by the NFL, Goodell responded with this:

On Thursday, Goodell noted he thinks people do not understand the complexity of domestic violence.

Why yes, Roger it is a complicated issue to explain, as is running the NFL and so far you’ve failed miserably at both. This is just another hit for an already beleaguered fan base, tired of being bashed over the head with politics when they tune in for a Football game.

Throughout the season, San Francisco Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick took getting benched to another level, by claiming it was a protest, in solidarity with “Black Lives Matter”. Earlier this week Kaepernick held a joint event with the New Black Panther party, Goodell has defended Kaepernick at every opportunity. Kaepernick’s bench, sitting turned into kneeling during the National Anthem, a disrespectful stunt that spilled over even into High School games with young players wanting to follow the trend.


Kaepernick was lauded as a trailblazer, a civil rights leader, the man was even compared to Martin Luther King Jr. So it may come as a shock to Kaepernick’s supporters to find out that he didn’t even vote.

“To me, it didn’t really matter who went in there,” Kaepernick said. “The system still remains intact that oppresses people of color.”

Roger Goodell has enough problems in his own house to fix, he should focus on doing his job, while he still has it.



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