Virginia: Hillary Clinton Projected Winner, Comstock Wins; Brat Wins.

As the Northern Virginia numbers finally came in, several media outlets have called Virginia for Hillary Clinton.

With the early numbers coming in Donald Trump is outperforming Mitt Romney in rural areas of Virginia.


Trump is really outperforming Romney across rural Virginia
Areas in red = Trump > Romney

— Nate Cohn (@Nate_Cohn) November 9, 2016


He is not doing as well in some of the suburban counties though:


Will update as the huge numbers from Northern Virginia roll in… Keep an eye on Fairfax and Barbara Comstock’s race.

The night is young.


UPDATE:  With 43% reporting looking good for Barbara Comstock, this race is one that the Democrats are hoping to flip.


In what was once Eric Cantor’s District, Dave Brat won his first re-election campaign in a very red Virginia district.


Jim Geraghty explains the plight of Virginia voting results:

Unofficially, reports have Barbara Comstock winning re-election. Will update when the numbers are in.


The AP is now calling the critical Virginia Representative race for Barbara Comstock.

Virginia is still too close to call, Trump maintains a narrow lead while we wait for Northern Virginia Votes to be tallied.

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