China & WaPo Now Peddling Anal Swabs as Go-To Test for COVID-19 (Wish I Were Kidding)

As my regular readers are all too aware, the idea of quarantining healthy people in response to a viral outbreak is by no means the tried and true medical strategy most Americans somehow seem to have become convinced it is.

On the contrary, ignoring the distinction between healthy and sick people is a completely unheard of practice, the underlying rationale for which was rejected by every single medical authority who’d opined on the subject.

Or at least it was until Xi Jinping and his Chinese Communist cohorts cooked it up and sold it to an unsuspecting world.

I’ve also reported on how the Chicoms convinced us that the “first choice” treatment for COVID-19 was to put even moderate cases on a mechanical ventilator when the reality is—as we soon tragically learned—doing so is overwhelmingly likely to result in death.

But the latest COVID-19 mitigation product China is peddling… well, I don’t even know what to say, except it seems clear that, at this point, besides trying to rip us off, we’re also getting seriously trolled.

As Jordan Schlactel, the journalist who first broke the story on China’s murderous ventilator scam noted…

America’s Founding Fathers must surely be looking down from heaven and weeping at what a bunch of idiots we are.

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