Sarah Palin's Campaign Innovation

Yesterday on Greta’s show, Greta asked Karl Rove about Sarah Palin’s bus tour. He seemed sort of bemused. He listed the ways she wasn’t doing things normally: no big fundraisers and donor meetings, no focusing on New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina, and using social media to message.


Sarah Palin is breaking the mould.

Will it work? Who knows? Here’s her video announcing her bus tour:


One thing Sarah Palin is acknowledging is that the media world has changed. She’s embraced her ability to control the message by bypassing the traditional media. They’re forced to cover her anyway.

Meanwhile, a lot of other Republicans count success by a page 15 mention in the New York Times. They’re woefully behind the times on that account.

Sarah Palin is a savvy and flexible politician. Going her own way may scare some donors who are used to doing things the way they’ve always been done, but I would submit that the old ways haven’t worked so well.

Innovation and risk-taking in campaigning may well just be what will work. It is certainly interesting and worth watching. She’ll be showing a lot of other politicians how to (or not) do a modern political campaign.


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