NY-26: Democrats Finally Succeeded Using The Tea Party Brand

Jane Corwin, a good Republican candidate for the NY-26 district, might lose today because a former Democrat claimed the Tea Party mantle syphoning votes away. So. A solid Republican district gets lost to a Democrat due to shenanigans. It’s nowhere near done yet, so if you’re in that district in New York, please, go vote!


Democrats have tried to co-opt the Tea Party name in Nevada and Michigan. Both times, they’ve been stopped either by public shaming, legal means, or both.

This time, a dude with a lot of money, Jack Davis, has succeeded where others have failed. Will he win the race in NY-26? No. But that’s not the point. The point is to get a Democrat a win by any means necessary. That might happen in NY-26.

New York is a mess. People are fleeing the state. Taxes are excruciating. Regulations stifle innovation.

Buffalo is failin and the last thing the area needs is a Democrat, but it may well get it. Hopefully, Cowrin will be able to pull this out. New York state needs more, not less, conservative ideas.


You can help by phone banking from your home here.


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