Osama Bin Laden's Death: Proving Liberals Really Don't Mean Their Rhetoric

Osama Bin Laden died and no liberals cried…for him. If they cried, it was tears of joy. Just like the rest of America.

When the rubber meets the road, liberals aren’t crying that:

  • Intelligence gathered, probably via “enhanced interrogation” in a secret prison (or if you’re a liberal, torture), lead to Osama’s death.
  • Justice meant a targeted assassination aka capital punishment
  • A country’s boundaries were violated to achieve justice (how can we violate a sovereign nation?!!)
  • Bullets were used
  • Base impulses like “vengeance” were indulged
  • Diplomacy didn’t achieve what 40 Navy Seals achieved.

There are probably more points, but that’s enough to establish the premise that when liberals talk about mercy and giving peace a chance and evolving and using words instead of actions…it’s all crap.

The most disgusting part of this reality is that liberals only believe in justice at the end of a bullet when they feel violated. So their friend whose daughter was kidnapped and raped and tortured should turn the other cheek and not be relieved and delighted when the killer is brought to justice, but when they lose their own loved one or their body, family, city feels threatened, the liberal suddenly becomes Chuck Norris–or more likely, is grateful that Chuck is willing to kick bad-guy ass.

The Navy Seals and the elite group who, says the Washington Post, ”
exist(s) outside military protocol and engage in operations that are at the highest level of classification and often outside the boundaries of international law”, are loathed and hated by the left. And, in fact, Cindy Sheehan, is one of the few nutters to remain ideologically consistent. Crazy as heck, but consistent.


Here’s a prediction over the next few days: The hard left will be ruminating on Osama’s death. They will feel guilty for feeling good. They will realize how they’ve undermined all their beliefs.

But, you protest, they didn’t undermine all their beliefs. Well, not with the Osama death they didn’t. The economic hypocrisy is something they engage in every day. The big homes, big salaries, and big competitive natures they possess? Their refusal to give extra taxes? Their insistence that environmental rules and regulations are for you, but not for them while they enjoy their private jets–that’s their economics daily hypocrisy.

Liberals don’t believe any of their own ideological garbage enough to actually live it. They just believe it enough to try to make your life hard by making you live it.

If they really believed their pap, they’d be crying tears for Osama Bin Laden. They’d be pining away for the injustice. They’d weep for the rule of international law and Geneva conventions that were violated. They would be wearing their pink shirts in front of the White House and yanking out their boobies in outraged protest at the gross violation of a sovereign nation’s borders.


But they don’t believe it. And they’re not crying. And those lack of tears tell you everything you need to know about the emptiness of the left’s ideology and rhetoric. It’s useful for political purposes. It’s useful to beat up Republicans. It’s not so useful when one actually cares about America and justice and closure and peace of mind.

Liberals bumped up against reality today, with Osama Bin Laden’s past-due demise. They’re sitting, happily, in the trap of their own making.

Tomorrow, I suspect, they’ll try to pretend today didn’t happen. We need to remind them: you actually enjoyed Osama’s death. And we enjoy watching you enjoy it.


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