Will Folks: Blogging School Boy Fantasies

Will Folks. Remember him? Probably not, but I’m going to remind you anyway. [Background here, here, here, here, and here.] He’s the South Carolina blogger who attempted to destroy Nikki Haley’s political career by making unsubstantiated claims that he “inappropriately” interacted with Haley.


Folks did not provide evidence, mind you, he just made the spurious claim proving that he’s not only a pathetic political hack, he’s a pathetic man.

So, what has Mr. McBlogHack been up to?

During the run up to the election, he juiced his blog numbers by making insinuations about Nikki Haley. These days, he’s using soft porn pictures of celebrity women to entice male college students (his core readership) to hit his website.

Advertisers at websites give money for impressions. The South Carolina advertisers might be getting the wrong impression about Folks’ impressions. His classy site doesn’t appeal to core voters. His site (unsurprisingly) appeals to adolescent boys who, like Folks, have fantasies about sleeping with someone famous.

Folks South Carolina competition Stuffed Suits is having fun at his expense and exposing his dismal blog numbers. When they really got down to the numbers, here’s what they found:

What these tell us is just what percentages of the search engine traffic to fitsnews came from what keywords/phrases.

Just in case the image doesn’t show, the top 4 keyword searches driving traffic to fitsnews are 1. fitsnews 2. mariah carey 3. rihanna nude pics 4. kate gosselin

Other top ranked searches directing traffic to fitsnews include keywords and phrases such as:

kirk herbstreit affair

sex scandal

sarah jane lindsay

well, you get the picture.


My favorite stat is that the vast majority of his male audience finds his website from their college campus. Oh my. Lots of likely voters there.

Will Folks, same as he ever was, toiling away in South Carolina; covering politics the only way he knows how to–salaciously.


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