Bring It: The Debt Deniers Will Lose

The Debt Deniers wage a rebellion in Wisconsin. Bring it.

Wisconsin unions rebel at the notion, that they, like every other American must contribute to their own retirement. They cry because, like every other American, they may have to pay a percentage of their own health care.


Who is out of touch again?

It’s a rhetorical question, but let me answer it for you: President Barack Obama. He has voiced his solidarity with the unions and Organizing for America, his organization, called Wisconsinites to arms (metaphorically). Does it seem unseemly to you that the President is choosing the unions over the out-of work taxpayers? Another rhetorical question.

Clearly, these unions jerks don’t understand this:
Gallup: Unemployment at 10%

While union workers have increased across America, increasing the tax burden on the private sector, private sector employees are out of work.

While union workers bitch about benefits cuts, people without jobs don’t have benefits or a job.

While union workers march because they might have to contribute to their health care costs, small business owners face having their Health Savings Accounts taken away by Obamacare.

Where unions once held a place of respect and honor in America, their collective star falls fast. And President Obama, union stooge and Debt Denier, falls with them.

How long can these people operate in a parallel universe where they suffer no consequences from this horrendous economy? Worse than sucking tax dollars out of the system is their sense of entitlement to tax dollars they take.


Forced union membership. Forced dues. Forced political activity. Forced tax payer pillage. The unions have become a force for all that is bad about the American economy.

The union thugs and their Supreme Leader Barack Obama have decided to Bring It. The Wisconsin Senators run and hide rather than be participants in a sensible way to save the Wisconsin state budget.

Fine. Bring it. Reveal to America who you really are: selfish, greedy, parasitic, overpaid, overindulged, out-of-touch, entitled workers who put your own interests over the interests of your fellow citizens, over children, over common sense.

Debt Deniers will lose.



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