Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) Does Not Believe President Obama's Debt Talk

President Obama suddenly is a friend to business, so says he. No one buys it, including Senator Ron Johnson, the new Republican Senator from Wisconsin.

Senator Johnson came from the business world. He is clearly appalled at the deficits and debt hobbling the American economy. He was also dismayed by the President’s lack of leadership.



This interview seems especially prescient considering the massive budget the President just delivered to Congress and the ridiculous press conference President Obama just gave regarding the deficit–which he doesn’t believe is a short-term problem. So, President Obama’s solution seems to be to keep on rolling the problem down the line.

The Republicans are united against this folly, says Senator Johnson. Let’s hope.

The big question: Is 2011 different from 1995? If the President is playing a game of chicken (no meaningful cuts, raising taxes) with the Republicans, will Americans side with the Republicans this time or become sympathetic to Obama ala Bill Clinton?

Also: We discuss the demagoguing that will inevitably happen around any government cuts.



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