Ted Cruz And Michael Williams Come To Washington

It’s going to be a tough primary season for Texas conservatives. Two great primary candidates are running for Kay Bailey Hutchison’s open Senate seat: former Solicitor General Ted Cruz and Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams.


Both men visited CPAC this year. Both men impressed those who met and interacted with them. They also both came to the Blogger Bash and interacted with bloggers from all over the country.

Texas Tea Party folks like these guys a lot. In fact, on more than one occasion, they’ve followed each other during speaking engagements.

Who had the better CPAC? Well, Ted Cruz had more visibility as he emceed part of the day on the main stage. Michael Williams seemed to get lots of good press. From my perspective, it was a draw.

The primary will come down to fundraising. The financial winner between Ted and Michael will go on to try to beat Lt. Governor David Dewhurst (or Dewcrist as, Erick Erickson calls him). Dewhurst is self-funded and will be formidable, if only because of endless cash and name recognition.

I asked Ted Cruz about all this when I interviewed him at CPAC. He says he’s the best man for the job. Watch and find out why:


More interviews from CPAC here.


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