Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) And Freedom Works' Matt Kibbe Talk Tea Party And Balanced Budget Amendment

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and Matt Kibbe, President of Freedom Works, joined me at CPAC for a joint interview, last Friday. We talked about two things: The future of the Tea Party and the Balanced Budget Amendment.


Both topics are subject to lots of controversy. In fact, there’s been much discussion that a Balanced Budget Amendment would mean, axiomatically, that taxes would increase. When I asked the guys about this, they conceded the concern and Matt said the BBA would have to be written “just right.”

As for the future of the Tea Party, both gentlemen felt that the Tea Party was growing stronger and would find even more good candidates for the 2012 cycle.

Note: We had a tough time finding a quiet place to talk, so there’s significant background noise. This is a very interesting discussion, though, so I encourage you to watch.


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