Representative Steve King (R-IA): Defund Obamacare Now

Representative Steve King wants to stop Obamacare by adding an amendment to defund it. Congress defunded the Vietnam War in a similar manner so the Republican rules committee would have to approve, says King, but it’s not unprecedented.


The fear around Obamacare is that once the money starts flowing to put it into place, it will never be undone.

King explains his intent here, during a panel discussion at CPAC:

The continuing resolution, passed by the Democrats and Republicans in December, has the government funded through March. So the pressure is on the Republicans to put together a new spending bill.

Republican leadership don’t want political repercussions should an Omnibus bill without Obamacare funding get vetoed or not agreed upon by the Democrats in the Senate. They remember the Clinton-era shutdown. And they remember the public response to it. Is the American mood different now? Will the Democrats blink on this game of chicken?

This is a fight to watch at the beginning of next week.


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