Remember That Guy Eric Fuller?

Eric Fuller finds himself lost down the same memory hole as Cindy Sheehan, Code Pink, $4 gallon/gas outrage, concerns about Gitmo and warrantless wiretaps. It’s crowded down there.


Democrats use people and issues for political purposes. Arguing from principle would require having them, and as far as I can tell, the Democrats are devoid of those pesky things.

So, Eric Fuller, menacing crazy person that he was and is, no longer serves the leftist narrative. Buh-bye Eric!

Not so fast.

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Eric Fuller, one of the people shot by Jared Loughner in Tucson, Arizona, hated conservatives. He would say what the leftists wanted so they used him, even in his mentally fragile state, to give credence to what they wanted to push forth: That conservatives were mean and hateful and were complicit with the shooter.

Remember Eric Fuller. He’s already getting lost in the Democrat hate-spewing machine ala Cohen (nice take down by Rush Limbaugh here) and Sheila Jackson Lee.

Remember how easily the Left uses and discards people, even on their own side, to push a narrative.

The Media used Congresswoman Gifford’s shooting, exploited it, to prove a political point. They immediately did it again with another victim, Eric Fuller.

It is odious how easily and callously the Left and mainstream media use up people for their own purposes.

Oh, I know, guys like Eric Fuller are responsible for their own actions. Women like Cindy Sheehan are responsible for their own actions.

Still, here are two folks, clearly unstable, made more fragile by their personal traumas,used by the Leftwing Media as puppets.


And while we’re talking about media use and abuse, what about focusing on National Public Radio for putting out the disinformation that Representative Giffords died in the shooting. Her husband, Mark Kelly, had to hear the horrifying news on TV. Broke down crying, only later to find out that the information was wrong.

But that’s the left. No apologies and move along. [Full disclosure: I relied on the NPR reporting and passed it along via Twitter. I am profoundly sorry for putting forth such damaging misinformation. I, too, trusted the leftist media. Silly me.]

They’ll use and abuse whomever they need to in order to prove a point. Children singing propaganda for President Obama? No problem. Mother losing her mind over the loss of her son? No biggie. Crazy man recovering from being shot? A-ok.

It’s appalling how easily the left slithers onto its next prey using their own people as ostensible trap-bait.

So, remember Eric Fuller, useful injured/idiot. He’s just another soldier lost in the Leftist war against the Right.

The rule for the left is “by any means necessary”–even if it means destroying their own.


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