Antisemitism: Where It Comes From and the Left's Disgusting Tolerance of It

Pro-Palestinian protests on college campus. (Credit: YouTube/WFAA)

The conservative right traditionally has been accused by the liberal left, of being racist and or anti-semitic, amongst many other words ending in "ist" or "phobic." In the past 20 years or so, the accusations have become more commonplace and routine, to the point where if a conservative sneezes in the wrong direction, they're automatically accused of perpetuating racism. But the left has shown that it is they who are protecting the antisemitic movement within their ranks. With the recent events in Israel still fresh on our minds, one doesn't need to go far to see this for themselves. 

What we are seeing today in America harkens back to the days of pre-World War Two when Nazi Germany was beginning to openly target, harass, and attack Jewish people in Germany, but also in other places in Europe. We are seeing massive demonstrations where pro-Palestinian protestors are shouting "Death to Israel," "Kill the Jews," or worse. And you can't call it an isolated incident either; there are countless demonstrations all over the country, in blue states, red states, and college campuses. You have major social justice groups like Black Lives Matter and the LGBT community all coming out with a very disgusting and open support of not just Palestinians, but support of the Hamas terrorist attacks that killed at least 1,600 civilians. 

But where did the antisemitism come from? Where did the blatant Jewish hatred come from? With the push for all the social justice platforms and programs coming from the left, they are targeting the schools as their propaganda and indoctrination machine. Impressionable youth are being taught that it is okay to segregate based on race, with college campuses now offering black-only dorms or black-only graduations. 

That prompted Bill to reference America’s recently ratcheted racial division:

“We seem to be entering an era of resegregation that’s coming from the Left.”

How’s that?

“I mean, on many college campuses, there are separate dorms, separate black dorms, graduation ceremonies, stuff like that.”

Speaking of dormitories, as I covered in August, NYU student group Black Violets NYU pushed for black-only housing.

The Violets were vehement to Fox News:

“NYU is a predominantly white institution, making it very difficult for Black students to connect or find community, especially when incidents involving racism occur. It is not about exclusion, but rather creating a space where Black students can feel included.”

On “Real Time,” the host asked, “How will [resegregation] affect elections in the future?”

It is no secret to the right, that the amount of antisemitism we are seeing today in America is coming from the schools. However, the left denies all culpability and deflects any accusation of such as an alleged gaslighting attempt from the right. 

I will submit to you, the reader, that antisemitism is not just on the rise in this country, but it is finally being exposed as the giant that it is. And it is coming from the side that prides itself on being the most woke, and the most inclusive ideological part of the Democratic Party. The left touts itself as the party and ideology of inclusivity, tolerance, and love for all (except for conservatives), so how could one claim otherwise? There are no groups on the right that openly espouse antisemitic ideologies and hatred. The left loves to say that we are nazis or cold-hearted racists, but the left refuses to accept that Nazism and fascism are leftist ideologies. They both desire big government control. limited freedoms, high regulations, high taxes, etc, those are not conservative principles at all. 

When all the social justice groups of the left all coming out for Hamas, Palestine, and the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel, they have lost the moral high ground that you claim to have controlled. On college campuses all over the country, leftist groups are unabashedly calling for the denouncement of Israel and proudly supporting the Hamas attacks on Israel. 

Probably the most infamous of these statements was the one issued by over 30 Harvard University "Palestinian Solidarity" student groups that basically said Israel was at fault for the terrorist strikes.

We, the undersigned student organizations, hold the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.

When the university’s brass didn’t speak out about the despicable statement, Harvard President Emeritus and former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers was flat-out disgusted. He took to the social media platform X to say, “In nearly 50 years of @Harvard affiliation, I have never been as disillusioned and alienated as I am today.” Eventually, administrators did make several statements, but they were lukewarm and did not directly condemn the students.

It is incredibly disingenuous to say that you are the party of inclusivity yet at the same time refuse to call out the hatred pouring out from it at the same time. You have people like Representative Rashid Tlaib (D-MI) who refuse to call out the atrocities committed by Hamas, and at the same time, blame Israel for all the violence. 

The Palestinian-American Congresswoman recently co-sponsored a resolution in the House with her great pal Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to support the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Last week, she was one of 17 lawmakers to vote against a House resolution to condemn BDS. She compared the BDS movement to the American boycott of Nazi Germany.

Tlaib spoke to Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union” this morning. Even Tapper was a bit ruffled by several of Tlaib’s replies. Below are some of the highlights.

The Democrat Party and its social justice warriors pose the biggest threat to this country — specifically, Jewish Americans and supporters of Israel. Some of them are beginning to express fears of going out in public, or at the very least, afraid of being harassed if they so much as say they support Israel. The hypocrisy of the left and its tolerance of antisemitism is both outrageous and disgusting. It is time for the forces of good to come out and defend our Jewish brethren, call out the forces of evil from the left, and expose them for who they really are. 



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