Turning Outrage into Action: Defund Planned Parenthood

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By now, I am sure most RedState readers (and 232,000+ Americans according to the latest YouTube count) have watched the shocking footage of a Planned Parenthood manager coaching a man and a woman posing as sex traffickers on how to secure secret abortions and other services for their female underage sex slaves.


And just this morning, LiveAction released a second video showing a Planned Parenthood abortion center in Richmond, VA agreeing to help the pimp get secret abortions and cheap birth control for his trafficked girls (video below).

It’s time to turn outrage over these videos into action. The fact is, what you see in these videos has been going on in Planned Parenthood clinics for years (see the documentation here). And it’s time for it to end. At the very least, our tax dollars shouldn’t be funding it.

That’s why tonight, Thursday, February 3rd at 8:30 PM EST, pro-life leaders are uniting for a mega-webcast that will be streamed online at http://www.ExposePlannedParenthood.com.

Erick Erickson and the RedState team have agreed to be a partner in the coalition hosting the webcast – we are honored to have your support!

The goal of the webcast is simple: to pressure Congress to strip Planned Parenthood of all taxpayer funding.

We’ll start by rallying around Rep. Mike Pence’s Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act, which would defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers of the funding they receive under Title X.

Lila Rose, president of Live Action, will be on the webcast to narrate the video footage, explain the specifics of the sting operation, and detail Planned Parenthood’s inexcusable actions. It was Lila’s group that went undercover and caught Planned Parenthood in the act of exploiting innocent young victims of sex trafficking.


Joining Lila and I are top pro-life leaders, including:

• TONY PERKINS, Family Research Council
• ABBY JOHNSON, Former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life advocate and author
• DAVID BEREIT, 40 Days for Life
• WENDY WRIGHT, Concerned Women for America
• CHARMAINE YOEST, Americans United for Life Action
• STEVEN WAGNER, Former Director, Human Trafficking Program, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
• DR. ALVEDA KING, Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King and African American Outreach at Priests for Life

On the webcast, we’ll provide direction on how we can defund Planned Parenthood at all levels of government.

How much money is at stake?

Planned Parenthood reported receiving $363 million in government grants and contracts during fiscal year 2008 to 2009, accounting for roughly one-third of its total revenue. A report by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office showed that abortion promoting groups raked in nearly a billion dollars in government funds from 2002 to 2009, with $657.1 million of it going to Planned Parenthood. Of the $657.1 million Planned Parenthood received, $342.1 of it is from the Title X family planning program.

Data shows that the more government funding Planned Parenthood receives, the more abortions it performs:

Planned Parenthood Tax Money and Abortions

Please join me for this historic webcast tonight at 8:30 PM EST at http://www.ExposePlannedParenthood.com.


Now is the time to defund Planned Parenthood – and we need all hands on deck. We are honored to have Erick Erickson and the entire RedState community on board!

Finally, below is the new Virginia footage followed by the New Jersey footage, in case you missed it.

Please post the videos to your Facebook, post them on Twitter with #exposePP, and e-mail them out to all your contacts. Invite everyone you know to the webcast tonight. Every single taxpayer in this country needs to see what Washington (and many state and local governments) are forcing them to subsidize.

Virginia footage just released today:


New Jersey footage:



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