After Bashing the GOP, Hollywood Elites Request Legislative Favors

Today, Hollywood elites – the country’s leading forces in the Resistance Movement – are trying to have their cake and eat it too. Although deriding Republicans on a near daily basis, they are now trying to dupe the GOP into giving them special legislative favors this congressional session.


These Hollywood performers know how to put on a great show. To come off as GOP allies, they utilize figures that comfort conservative legislatures as their spokesmen, such as a former Celebrity Apprentice contestant well-known to the sitting president. But under no circumstances are these elites Republicans’ friends or aligned with the limited government agenda – they just play this role when requesting the advancement of legislation that pads their bottom lines.

Last month, Neil Portnow, Recording Academy President and CEO, said that his “industry is ready to work with [Congress] in a unified manner.” Yet, two days later, he ran Grammy sketches that derided Republicans, including an insulting, cheeky cameo from Hillary Clinton herself. Is this the way true friends behave?

Of course, it’s not. Hollywood wants to drive Republicans into the minority. Fully 80 percent of the $84 million that the television, movie, and music industries dumped into the 2016 election went straight to Democrats’ pockets. The entertainment industry was the fourth largest donor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. These individuals hate the GOP and everything it stands for.

Hollywood’s hostility towards Republicans has much less to do with the personal opinions of the actors and musicians themselves than it does with the views of their superiors – those that request and benefit from Washington, D.C favors. In fact, one Hollywood veteran told Fox News that in the current age, screen stars must be “public Democrats” if they want to avoid blacklisting. It’s a sad reality.


Although these Hollywood elites hate Republicans and everything they stand for, they still need to make a concerted effort to cozy up to them for legislative favors behind the public’s back. That’s why you’ll see them touting their desire to work in a unified manner with the GOP in congressional hearings, meetings, and open letters.

But in the public spotlight, Hollywood is devoting nearly all its face time to painting the GOP in a bad light. TV shows based solely on shaming conservatives are scheduled to hit the airwaves, while programs that have been around for years have become increasingly polarizing. This dramatic shift in political dynamics led one former top writer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to remark, “We used to watch late-night news or late-night comedy and shows like these to get our mind off the news of the day,” but now TV “doesn’t make us forget the news. It makes us more worried.” This is all intentional, and part of their master plan to grind away at Republicans’ majorities in Congress.

The music industry is in on this plot too. Hardly any musical stars would agree to play at the Republican president’s recent inauguration to celebrate what was once heralded as the peaceful transition of power. And they’re not staying quiet either – no, they’re front and center in the political arena. Musicians recently came out with songs that wish death on Republicans, as well as album covers that show the president lifeless.

Republicans who cozy up to Hollywood need to recognize they’re dealing with actors and performers. Just because these celebrity elites know what to say and when to say it when in the presence of Congress doesn’t mean that the GOP should give in to their demands. No Republican showing of support towards their interests will ever be big enough to sway the entertainment industry in its favor. If Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House, even the entertainment industry’s private displays of affection to the GOP will quickly fade away.


Republicans’ majorities are on the line this November. Empowering the Resistance by inadvertently advancing their cause with favorable legislation that is not conservative in nature will make things worse, not better. Here’s hoping that conservatives wise up now while they still can.

Matt Mackowiak is the president of Austin, Texas, and Washington, D.C.-based Potomac Strategy Group, a Republican consultant, a Bush administration and Bush-Cheney re-election campaign veteran and former press secretary to two U.S. senators. His national politics podcast, “Mack on Politics,” may be found on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and on the web at


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