MartyG Pwned Harvard, Federal Show Trial Reveals

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All those Ivy elites couldn’t handle Justina Pelletier’s guardian hacktivist
Testimony revealed that MartyG smashed through Harvard crimson blocks to help save teenager Justina Pelletier. (FreeMartyG)

I’ll write a longer article detailing my full federal show trial later, but right now there’s just a few interrelated things that I really need to get off of my chest.

First, as Frank Camp detailed a few days ago over at the Daily Wire, the jury did not find that anything I had done while protecting Justina’s life had endangered any of the patients at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) nor did my peers find that I had even potentially impacted any of those patients. And that was despite a days-long dog and pony show during which two jurors fell asleep and the jury forewoman at one point started knitting:


So, the end verdict was far from what the DOJ had hoped for even though the jury – having never been instructed that they could acquit me under the legal principle of the defense of others – did (barely) find me guilty of costing BCH money after initially reporting that they had reached an impasse with neither side likely to budge.

Interestingly, I don’t think that it helped prosecutors David “Sideshow” D’Addio and Seth “My-wife-did-her-residency-at-BCH” Kosto that one of the jurors was actually a registered nurse at an area hospital and she most likely happened to know better from her own work experience that an Internet outage wouldn’t harm patients.


So, let me say it again – no harm to patients and not even any potential harm to patients – except of course to Justina and she was not hurt by me. Further, this is consistent with both what I said in my first statement to the Huffington Post, as well as with what Rolling Stone found during its investigation for its feature about Justina and I. However, that most certainly is not what the DOJ had been saying for the last 2.5 years in its attempts to paint me to the world as some kind of reckless cyber bogeyman.

Now, second, and I did not know this until it came out on the witness stand during the DOJ’s case, but apparently not only did I knock Justina’s tormentors at BCH offline, but according to the company which was called in to respond to the incident, I had single-handedly c***punched all of Harvard off of the Internet as well.

With Justina’s life at stake, MartyG delivered a message that the Harvard community could no longer ignore. (FreeMartyG)

You see, BCH is Harvard Medical School’s primary pediatric teaching affiliate and it also turns out that BCH gets its Internet service from Harvard as well. Further, according to a witness from Radware, which was the company that had been called in to perform emergency Internet hernia surgery on snowflake university’s family jewels at the time, I had overpowered and knocked not just BCH offline, but all of Harvard too.


For those who are more familiar with these topics, here is the bandwidth graph which BCH’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), Dr. Daniel Nigrin, later produced in apparent attempts to both save face and further his own career:

Justina wasn’t defenseless…  (Graph: Dr. Daniel Nigrin, New England Journal of Medicine, July 31st, 2014)

Now, I hate to seem insensitive. I’m sure that for a lot of the snowflakes who were on Harvard’s campus at the time, being knocked off of the Internet was more than just the run-of the-mill inconvenience that it is for 99.999% of other Americans on a semi-regular basis. No, for the most delicate amongst the snowflakes, I imagine that losing Internet connectivity was probably the most traumatic thing that many could remember.

But here’s why I’m not falling all over myself to apologize to Harvard:

Harvard appointed a 54-person committee on “inclusion and belonging,” which mainly focused its consternation on fraternities, sororities, and exclusive so-called “finals clubs,” while at the same time the University appointed exactly zero people to look into what its doctors were doing to Justina Pelletier. (Harvard University)

You see, while the university spent a small fortune and appointed 54 people to examine the “exclusionary” effect which it claimed that fraternities, sororities, and elite study clubs were having on its own campus culture, I did not see one picket sign regarding Justina’s human rights. Indeed, I have lived within a few subway stops of Harvard for years and there are a lot of protests on its campus regarding a wide array of sometimes confounding topics. However, few if any of those demonstrations are for children being tortured in America – let alone for those being tortured by Harvard’s very own extended family, as was happening to Justina during the Internet outage.


Indeed, to my knowledge, at the time the only person at Harvard who lifted a finger for Justina was Alan Dershowitz and he himself has recently lamented the social consequences he has endured for taking such principled stands amongst people who proclaim to cherish free thought and human rights.

So, as the university’s doctors left Justina dying in agony, only one individual at Harvard would do anything to help her, but when someone knocked the school offline – when someone inconvenienced them – all of a sudden it was, “Drop everything! We can’t get to Facebook! We need the DOJ to make a federal case over this!”

And now, after having been vindicated at trial that nothing I did harmed a soul, it seems incredible that I, as a computer engineer, need to be the one to remind Harvard and its DOJ lapdog that Justina is a person with human rights and that she is more important than all the inanimate computer equipment at Harvard.

That’s right, even senior systems engineers like me, who perhaps more than any other group love computers, know that it’s just common sense: people are more important than machines and even non-Harvard people are more important than Harvard machines.

Let’s not forget what happened to Justina:

To sign a petition asking the Trump administration to clarify remarks from Marty’s prosecutors which seem to indicate that Justina was a “sideshow” and not a human being, please go to here.


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