WATCH: Female Journalist Stares Down DOJ At Her Door

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Feds cower and hide their faces from Dana Gottesfeld’s camera


Recently, a pair of feds from the DOJ showed up at our door. As you can see in the video above, they arrived in the neighborhood under the color of authority with badges and most likely with their sidearms too.

My lovely and courageous wife Dana on the other hand had her smart phone. And the heart of a lion.

The camera-shy men had apparently come to interrogate Dana about our work as journalists and to serve her with a dubious order from a dubious federal judge in town named Nathaniel M. Gorton. As far as we can tell, Judge Gorton was only appointed to the federal bench after his brother and fellow heir to the Gorton’s Seafood fortune, Slade Gorton, leveraged their family’s socioeconomic position for a seat in the Senate.

Tellingly, Judge Gorton wasn’t appointed to fill an existing vacancy on the bench either, but rather to a new spot which had just been created.

And for a Republican, Judge Gorton seems to keep some strange bed fellows.

So, perhaps it’s not that surprising that he has continued presiding over the case which the feds have been trying to make against me despite a readily apparent $50,000 conflict of interest.

My alleged “crime”? I defended the life of an innocent, learning-disabled teenage girl in a wheelchair who says that she was being tortured and nearly killed by my supposed “victims.”


Her name is Justina and you may remember what happened to her a few years back at Harvard’s primary pediatric teaching facility, Boston Children’s Hospital. Her story and mine have both been told by Michelle MalkinRolling StoneRed StateHuffington PostThe Daily WireThe New AmericanThe Daily CallerRTLee Camp, and others – all thanks to the hard work of Dana and other journalists from across the political spectrum.

It was exactly this Constitutionally-protected journalism which had brought the feds to our doorstep (again) and it’s also exactly why we had been threatened by the feds before. You see, last year they tried to bully her into taking down legally-obtained court audio we had published of Boston FBI Agent Jeffrey Williams testifying under oath that the Bureau knew of the allegations that Justina had been abused at Boston Children’s but that instead of investigating those allegations and bringing her abusers to justice, they instead came after me for protecting her.

It’s for these kinds of reasons that I’m considered a political prisoner of the Massachusetts Democratic establishment – as well as of Judge Gorton and Federal Magistrate Judge Marianne B. Bowler, about whom you can read at The New AmericanHuffington PostThe Daily Wire, and Red State.


So, for my darling wife Dana, staring down feds who shield alleged child abusers instead of protecting abused children and their advocates is all in a day’s work.

This time the G-men were all hot and bothered because Dana had bravely called Regina D’Addio and Gale Kosto, who are respectively the mothers of the two DOJ prosecutors assigned to lock me up for defending Justina’s life, David J. D’Addio and Seth Kosto. Now, David J. D’Addio, like Judge Gorton, has sent money to an organization which also receives funds from Justina’s tormentors, and Seth Kosto’s wife, Staci Eisenberg, completed her residency at Boston Children’s Hospital.

When Dana called their mothers, each time she identified herself as press and despite the DOJ’s claims to the contrary, she used our common surname. (Dana’s cell phone is still registered in her maiden name, so perhaps her caller ID caused some confusion.)

Dana then proceeded to interview each of the mothers for an upcoming article. She called to ask them if they were ashamed of their sons for prosecuting a Rolling Stone-featured human rights activist for defending a crippled girl in a wheelchair.


Regina D’Addio and Gale Kosto each declined to comment.

And then the feds showed up. I’ll write more about that and the dubious papers which the feds had come to serve in a future article.

Marty Gottesfeld defended former figure skater Justina Pelletier when she was maimed at Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital. The Obama administration arrested him in February 2016, and he’s being held without bail by judges with apparent conflicts of interest. See, the FreeMartyG Facebook page and the @FreeMartyG Twitter account for more information.

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