Brexit, Boris and the Remainers

Boris Johnson speaks after being announced as the new leader of the Conservative Party in London, Tuesday, July 23, 2019. Brexit champion Boris Johnson won the contest to lead Britain's governing Conservative Party on Tuesday, and will become the country's next prime minister. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

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Well, the House of Commons has gone and tried to assert itself into the negotiations of exiting the EU, and it is all a ruse to remain. Jacob Ress-Mogg, the House Leader, has called it “Irregular”, which is his way of calling it unconstitutional. However it ends up, the damage is done, and more damage is expected. On top of that, former PMs have been doing their own private negotiations with Brussels, which, if that was done here, would be violations of law, since that is the job of the Executive Branch, for us. I’ll bet it is, there, also. Sounds kind of like something John Kerry was caught doing over here, doesn’t it?

This last week has had a real turn for the worst, against the people of Great Britain. The House of Commons voted to take over the Whip in that body, and while Boris lived up to his threat, to boot the Tories who went along with it, it had the effect of his losing a majority. But that only exposes a serious problem with the House of Commons. The next scheduled general election is not until 2022, but that can be changed. I’m not really sure how many changes are available to Boris, but a vote of No Confidence is one, and another is a snap general election, that requires both the House of Commons and the House of Lords to provide a two third’s majority to become a law.

The British Parliament has made itself the enemy of the people of Britain, and it is showing in polling. It is so bad that the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, and the rest of the scrounging little greenie parties have lost all support, because the people who voted in a record referendum in 2016, have become more in favor of Brexit, and that is making Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party go back on his words, about both No Confidence and a snap election. What really amazes me is the level of arrogance the remainers exhibit, and the support in the media, especially the BBC, is all for remaining in the EU. Do you see a trend between two countries?

Even without the Brexit Party, led by Nigel Farage, who has already been able to field close to 600 candidates in a general election, the Tories, because of Boris Johnson, can easily defeat Labour, and with the egg on “Corbyn Chicken’s” face, he is soon to depart from party politics, because even Labour wants him gone. Talk about a mess. I’ve seen reports that Labour has even called for a general strike, but they love to do that, even if they don’t have support from their own people.

The problem is that Boris Johnson wants that general election to prove it, and get on with Brexit, but Labour is standing in the way, because they know the problem will never go away, and will lose handily. Nigel Farage is ready, willing and able to join with any party who will be willing to complete Brexit. It will be interesting to see how Boris handles this, and I hear he is even considering laying down in front of the Queen, figuratively, to get a general election. The Prime Minister resigning, without having a clear majority in the House of Commons is another way to force a general election. I think the man is putting his country before his own personal political ambition, if he does that, and will probably end up being the PM, again, after all the storm has cleared. That will be an impressive move if he does that. I understand He and Trump are friends. I think I understand why. Whatever. I’d take a Nigel Farage, or a Boris Johnson, or even, and especially, a Jacob Rees-Mogg as the British Prime Minister. If you’ve just never heard of Jacob Rees-Mogg, just go to the Oxford Union debates, that are all on Youtube, and watch him talk. If he doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will.

What do you call it when your own government openly refuses to deny your wishes, as a result of a national referendum?

I call it Tyranny.