Biden's Two Countries - Says He Supports $10K Tax Credit for Black Families Only

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In the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden, Biden made a statement that he supported a $10,000 tax credit for black families to buy homes. But wait... isn't that unconstitutional? 


Biden was asked how he should respond to black families disappointed in his progress to help him:

"I say I don't blame them for being disappointed," Biden said. "Inflation is still hurting them badly. For example, I provided for the idea that any black family, first-time homebuyer should get a $10,000 tax credit to be able to buy their first home so they can get started."

Are black families living in a different country than the rest of Americans? Is there a Black America and an Everything-Else-America? Why are we talking about only one people group as if there are laws and decisions made only for them? 

The statement puzzled many people who were wondering what on earth President Biden was talking about.


In reality, Biden was referring to a tax credit for people of all races.

During his State of the Union Address, President Biden will call on Congressional Republicans to end years of inaction and pass legislation to lower costs by providing a $10,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers and people who sell their starter homes; build and renovate more than 2 million homes; and lower rental costs.

This is not simply a mistaken choice of words. This is how Democrats truly think. They have shown us that this is what they want - to keep governing "special" groups with priority and give the leftovers to everyone else. Their policies favor their favorites and trample over others. 

The fact that Biden would talk about this credit as if it's a Black-only special initiative is astonishing. In his dreams and fantasies, not bridled by the Constitution, those are the laws he would make. Laws and systems for his friends, and laws and systems for everyone else. Or wait, isn't that the DOJ?

On the topic of homebuying, the economy is so hard on middle-class families right now that buying a house is a luxury most can't come close to affording.


Inflation has been far worse during the Biden administration, up 19.9% over the first 41 months of Biden’s term compared to 5.4% during Trump’s first 41 months, according to the government’s consumer price index. Year-over-year inflation peaked under Biden at a four-decade high of 9% in 2022 before falling to just over 3%—which Biden has blamed on COVID-19’s lingering impact and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Bidenomics is bad for everyone. We all live in the same country and abide by the same laws. We need a conservative government to get our country back on track economically. Biden cannot do that, and if he is elected for another four years, families of all races will suffer. 


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