SBA Expected To Release Fraudulent and Falsified Small Business Data Soon

Every year about this time the Small Business Administration (SBA) issues a press release claiming the federal government barely missed the 23% small business contracting goal required by law.


In reality, the Obama Administration has never come anywhere close to reaching the minimum 23% small business-contracting goal. Based on all the information I have been able to obtain under the Freedom of Information Act, I estimate legitimate small businesses in America are currently receiving no more than 5% of all federal contracts and subcontracts.

The SBA’s favorite time to release their annual falsified and fabricated small business contracting data is late on a Friday afternoon. Over the last few years they have shown a particular fondness for releasing this information just before a three-day weekend. Since they know the information they are releasing is totally false, they want to release it as quietly as possible to reduce any chance some journalist might possibly question their findings.

As it has been for the last dozen or more years, the SBA will include billions of dollars in federal contracts to many of the largest corporate giants around the world in their small businesses contracting data.

According to the data from the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) in 2012, 235 Fortune 500 firms were included in the SBA’s small business contracting data. In 2013, the FPDS shows 175.

Since President Obama has taken office some of the firms that have been included in the SBA’s small business contracting data include: Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Oracle, Boeing, Rolls-Royce, British Aerospace and Engineering (BAE), Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Chevron, Apple, AT&T, CVS, Verizon, UPS, Bank of America, Home Depot, Target, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Pepsi, Disney, U.S. Bank, Lockheed Martin, Coca-Cola, Sears, American Airlines, J.P.  Morgan Chase & Co., Citigroup and even more.


If by some miracle some journalist does question the inclusion of hundreds of Fortune 500 firms in the SBA’s small business data, the SBA will no doubt stick to their standard excuses of miscoding, anomalies, computer glitches and simple human error.

Not one journalist in a decade has ever thought to ask anyone from the SBA why these random errors do not have a random pattern of distribution. Errors like miscoding and computer glitches would have a random pattern of distribution like flipping a coin. For every contract to a large business that was accidentally miscoded as a small business contract, there would be a contract to a small business that was miscoded as a large business contract.

Why hasn’t any journalist ever asked anyone at the SBA why these alleged random errors always seem to divert small business funds to big business? Duh!

The Pentagon’s top PR conman, Terry Sutherland or Commander Cover-Up as he is known around Washington, has quietly taken over as SBA Press Office Director.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried something really tricky this year. They may even have some unknown SBA staffer quietly releasing the data on a blog. Who knows, they may even try and avoid the traditional confrontation we have every year and sneak the fraudulent and blatantly falsified report out with some new clandestine ploy.

We play this little game every year. They come out and claim they just missed the 23% goal and I release a barrage of press releases and blogs telling the truth that most of the funds they claim went to small businesses actually wound up in the hands of some of the largest corporate giants in the U.S. and even Europe.


Here are some fun links to my previous blogs and press releases on the SBA from the last few years. Occasionally the mainstream media has joined me in questioning the accuracy of the SBA’s small business data.

The SBA has come up with some new tricks to finally stop the controversy around diverting billions of dollars in small business contracts to big businesses. They are rolling out new policies this month to make thousands of big businesses suddenly become small businesses. It’s like magic but more evil, sinister and fraudulent.

So here we go again. I’m predicting the data will be released very, very soon. I’m guessing they may try something new this year. Commander Cover-Up is very skilled at his job of duping the media. The media also seems very good at being duped.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what type of media dodging tactics the SBA has up their sleeve for this year. Stay tuned!




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