Which One is the 'Drag Queen'?


Now I’m officially confused.  Can we or can’t we refer to a man dressing as a woman as a “drag queen?”

Because the New York Daily News doesn’t seem to know.  In their daily email blast, two articles were featured, one headline reading “’Manhattan Medium’ Thomas John has celeb clientele — and shady past as scammer and drag queen” and the other “Caitlyn Jenner receives standing ovation during surprise appearance at Boy George concert.”


As for Jenner, this tweet says it all.

“Celebrity psychic” (I have to use scare-quotes, because that job is not a real thing) Thomas John Flanagan is definitely a charlatan and a grifter, and honestly his female getup fits his role a whole lot better than Jenner’s.

So what makes him a “drag queen” and what makes Jenner not one?

I am certain liberals would answer “gender identity” like that’s a thing you can see from a blood test.  But it’s not.

And is the term “drag queen” not a slur?  Are all those gay guys who dress up for the pride parade in their city “drag queens” or are they just fabulous?

I wish the soup-sandwich crowd who writes this tripe would make up their minds.

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