Google hires NARAL to justify banning crisis pregnancy center ads

In a jaw-dropping move to advocate abortion and enhance censor choice for women searching online for options when they have an unintended pregnancy, Google is removing ads for crisis pregnancy centers that they decide are “deceptive”.


Who else would be in favor of this Brave New World than Amanda Marcotte, who also advocated such innovations like the one-stop-birth-and-abortion shop?

Google’s decision was made after NARAL Pro-Choice America created a report for Google that showed that a full 79 percent of the paid ads for crisis pregnancy centers that pop up on Google deceitfully “indicated that they provided medical services such as abortions” when they simply did not.

Google, in its objectivity and fairness, hired NARAL Pro-Choice America to justify their action.  That has to be the most biased, laughable (except that it’s sad and pathetic) and ridiculous business case I have ever read.  Google should hire Bernard Madoff from his prison cell to fashion their next shareholder report, or Edward Snowden to prepare their privacy report.  It’s got to be the most gerrymandered report in history since the North Korean elections.

Based on this farce, Google is now banning ads from legitimate crisis pregnancy centers.

If Google decided to filter ads from Planned Parenthood, the Left would be calling for Sergey Brin’s head on a platter.


In fact, I think a good amount of righteous (yes, RIGHTEOUS) indignation is due here.  I think that every conscience-possessing company running Google ads should include a link to a pregnancy crisis center.  I wonder if they’d refuse those ads.  We need to wake up and send a message to bullying companies and the bullying abortion industry that enough is enough.

Oh, that and give $5 (or $5,000) to help make the Gosnell Movie.  There’s less than 2 weeks left to raise about $500,000.

It’s due or die time, and by die, I mean the 3,000-plus babies who will be killed in the womb today by abortion, and every day until this nightmare ends.


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