“No one is pro-abortion.”

Barack Obama

By now I am sure that you have all seen the video of Planned Parenthood actively participating in the coverup of underage sex slavery. If not, please take a few minutes and do so here:



We were honored to have SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser cover this story yesterday, and I would encourage you all to read her post here. This video, however, was compelling enough that I thought a couple of additional points deserved to be made.

First, it has long been alleged (with substantial proof) that the sort of behavior captured on tape here is widespread in Planned Parenthood clinics. Some of this proof is chronicled here, and we have covered an actual Internet confession of a Planned Parenthood worker who admitted to covering up the sexual abuse of minors at RedState before. It is, however, quite another thing to see on the video where the “pimp” talks about how he might have a lot of 14 year old sex slaves who need abortions and the clinic director reaches into the top drawer of her desk and goes “Oh, no problem, we have a HANDOUT YOU CAN LOOK AT which helpfully outlines what to say for you.” How commonplace does a practice have to be before a company goes to the trouble of printing out a handout that it keeps in convenient locations for distribution?

Second, we in this country like to believe that as a country we take strong stands against both slavery and the sexual abuse of minors. Yet here we have an organization which, by uncontroverted proof, facilitates both. This organization receives hundreds of millions of dollars in federal tax money every year. Our elected officials are doing nothing to stop or police this organization. So the question falls to you, dear citizen: what are you going to have your elected officials do about it?


I will say this: this particular Planned Parenthood clinic is in New Jersey. Despite some carping from some folks who have bitter grapes about the Lonegan loss, I have liked just about every move Chris Christie has made as Governor so far. But if he does not come down like a ton of bricks on this clinic I will a) be shocked and b) cross him off my list of potential candidates for both 2012 and 2016. If he has learned nothing from the mistakes of Tom Ridge, then his judgment must be considered fatally flawed. However, whatever Christie does about this particular clinic, only the most thoroughgoing naif would suggest at this point that the behavior captured in this video was an isolated incident confined to New Jersey. This is a national problem with an organization that must be stopped, for the sake of our society’s legitimacy.


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