Anti-Semitic Jerk Resurfaces

Yesterday over at NewsRealBlog, Jenn Q. Public and our own Lori Ziganto posted this humorous piece, lampooning the inevitable trainwreck that is Meghan McCain’s forthcoming book.  It’s definitely worth the few minutes it will take you to read it, especially if you like a good laugh.  In response, some jackass writing at a site called felt that an appropriate response would be to call Jenn and Lori “jew ass kissers” who write for a site owned by a “neocon Jew” who is apparently interested in “keeping the Jew bankers rich.” Seriously. A screenshot of his racist filth is below:


Some folks on twitter noticed, and the post was scrubbed of all the racist comments, with an explanation in an update that the author didn’t want to give any “semite-baiting twits” any ammo. Not sure you’re helping your cause there, buddy.

At this point, you might ask why we at RedState are bothering to give this twit any attention at all, and that’s a very good question.  Were this any other standard-issue anti-Semitic paleocon, we’d be perfectly happy to keep ignoring him.  But it turns out that attempting to erase history from the internet isn’t a new game for Mr.; this particular delightful piece of work has surfaced before. This guy “Patrick” is apparently aka “Paleo Pat” who is also apparently aka Chuck Adkins.  Chuck Adkins, for those who don’t know, is the jerk who published Michelle Malkin’s home address and phone number on the internet, who also famously made enemies with the entire world by calling a recently-dead blogger’s wife a “b***h” and saying she died to avoid hanging around with him anymore.  Well, apparently he’s resurfaced with the new name “Patrick,” but the Internet always remembers

Unfortunately, looking at his site, it looks like he’s got a pretty good staple of advertising up from blogads and other sources, most of whom surely don’t know that they’re associating themselves with racist jackassery. It’d be a shame if a bunch of people went and clicked on their links and pointed out the screencap above and all his advertising revenue got yanked – who would publish home addresses and phone numbers of well-known bloggers and make anti-semitic commentary for absolutely no reason at all, if that happened? Also unfortunately, it looks like Mr. Adkins is once again getting links and blogroll treatment from several respectable bloggers, who I won’t link here because I’m almost certain they have no idea who this jerk is, either. Perhaps they’ll want to fix that, too.


The Internet always remembers, Mr. Adkins. And we’ll remember the next time you pop up your racist head, too.


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