Orange Charlie's Bad Day.

The traitorous Charlie Crist, who has shown himself disloyal to everything except his own election to the United States Senate, has had a difficult couple of days on the stump. In order to win the general election, Crist knows that he needs to walk a very fine line – especially given that the Democrats figure to run a real candidate in the race.  He absolutely must have the support of people who self-identify as Republican, but are more moderate than Rubio.  Which is why it wasn’t good for Crist to be caught on tape (courtesy of, which is an excellent Florida state-level blog) saying “thank God” he wasn’t a Republican anymore:


Oh, but this wasn’t nearly the end of this particular Series of Unfortunate Events for Mr. Crist. More below the fold…

Also courtesy of, Crist was asked about his reaction to the building of the Ground Zero mosque.  Crist’s evasive non-answer was probably harmless, but when asked about the permit for the reconstruction of the Orthodox church destroyed in 9/11, Crist’s reaction was, well, not the sort of thing you want in a campaign commercial:

But Crist’s troubles for the day didn’t stop with being unable to stop damaging things from emerging from his own mouth.  Today, former Republican Party of Florida staffer filed a wrongful termination suit against the RPOF.  Presumably, most RedState readers know by now the manifold troubles of Jim Greer (Crist’s personal lapdog at the RPOF). Wright’s lawsuit, however, mentions Crist by name in a troublesome context:

Says Wright’s complaint: “The Republican Party also began to use party money to support the senatorial campaign of Charlie Crist. The Republican Party was not supposed to financially support a candidate until after the candidate won the primary. Plaintiff realized that what the Republican Party was doing was illegal. Plaintiff reported these illegal uses of Republican Party resources to her supervisor (Richard) Swarttz.”

Crist has treated Greer, under indictment in a fraud scheme, like a dear close friend — unlike everyone else who has become a political liability for the governor. Crist just this week agreed to reimburse Greer’s $9,600 campaign donations to pay Greer’s legal fees (more here). Meanwhile, Republicans want their money back from Crist because they said he misled them when he bolted the party because he was being whipped so badly by former House Speaker Marco Rubio.


Crist is either tied with Rubio or leading slightly in most polls right now. If days like this continue, expect that to change in short order.


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