WATCH: Adam Carolla Lets Gavin Newsom Hear It About COVID Lockdowns, Newsom Blames Trump

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Prior to the debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) appeared on NewsNation. Chris Cuomo asked Newsom a few questions about the debate and Biden campaign, then passed the mic to Stephen A. Smith to ask a few questions. After Smith was done with his questions, Cuomo gave Adam Carolla an opportunity to confront Newsom over his boneheaded COVID lockdowns and the way he broke his own COVID rules.


The tone became serious when Carolla began asking the questions; he was not messing around, as Newsom and the Democrat legislature's absurd policies were driving Carolla and his family out of California. It got a little testy as Carolla made sure to say what he had to say and did not allow Newsom to interrupt him. Here was the back-and-forth:

ADAM CAROLLA: Governor, why did you shut the beaches in California during COVID?

GAVIN NEWSOM: Yeah, I think we all were working on information at the time. We had no basis of deeply understanding the virus.

CAROLLA: So, you didn't know anything, so why did you shut the beaches?

NEWSOM: Because people were concerned early in the pandemic, information was coming out as it relates to how it was transferred — the disease — and people were cautious — trying to keep people alive.

CAROLLA: *Interrupted Newsom, saying* So you didn't want them to go into the sunshine, get vitamin D, and exercise — so you shut the beaches, okay. And you arrested a guy who was paddleboarding in the bay.

(Cross talk)

CAROLLA: Why did you shut down outdoor dining? 

NEWSOM: All this happened with members of the Trump administration providing counsel and providing recommendations to states like mine.Very much part of that Trump record as well.



Yet again, Newsom passes the blame to somebody else instead of acknowledging the mistakes he made, from keeping children out of classrooms to families not being able to see loved ones in hospitals to denying folks of church service while he had a lavish indoor dinner at the French Laundry, as he told his constituents to social distance and not have big gatherings indoors. Rules for thee, but not for me, is Newsom's motto. 

I was surprised but glad to see NewsNation allow this conversation to take place. Carolla was itching to question Newsom and get answers from him. He has not been held accountable, nor has he been questioned the way Carolla questioned him on Thursday and in the past. 


For those of you who haven't seen Carolla interview Newsom back when he was Lt. Governor, here is the full interview:

Newsom will never accept blame for any of his absurd policies causing the downfall of San Francisco and now California. Hopefully, for the sake of America, he never becomes president because if he does, America will become Californicated


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