Media to the Rescue: NBC Claims Biden Has a 'Cold'... Really?

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

The media tried to come to President Biden's rescue as former President Trump was laying the smackdown on him during Thurrsday night's presidential debate on CNN. NBC is reporting that Biden has a "cold." This "report" came 50 minutes into the debate, coincidentally when Biden was struggling. 


A Biden spokesperson said:

He has a cold, started slow but obviously had started to hit his stride.

Is this where he "hit his stride?" Biden mistakenly said there are "one thousand trillionaires in America." There aren't even one thousand billionaires in America.  

He had other moments where he messed up and froze, but this report from NBC has odd timing, to say the least. They could have announced that he had a "cold" before the debate, but instead, they waited until it was in full swing. 

There was a moment when Biden completely froze, which was hard to watch. He was talking about Medicare, and said:

Making sure that we’re able to make every single solitary person eligible for what I’ve been able to do with, the uh, COVID. Excuse me, with dealing with everything we have to do with,” he said, freezing up. “Look…Medicare."


This moment will haunt Biden throughout the election as long as he remains the Democrat nominee. 

Following that freeze, Trump took a quick shot at Biden as he was talking about his open border policy:

I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don’t think he knows what he said either.

This could be one of the debate "moments" that sticks out to people, as Trump was being honest about Biden's speech. It was hard to understand the president most of the time; he fumbled through sentences and looked flat-out bad out there. The bar was set low, yet he somehow couldn't even manage to reach it.


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