WATCH: DeSantis Slams Biden, 'One of the Most Disgusting Speeches' Given by a POTUS

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis joined guest host Raymond Arroyo on “The Ingraham Angle” and reacted to President Joe Biden’s divisive speech.


Following the divisive speech given by the “great unifier,” some wondered why DeSantis had not reacted to the speech after so many others reacted. He did not mince words when asked by Arroyo about Biden’s speech.

DeSantis told Arroyo it was “one of the most disgusting speeches an American president has ever given.”

“[Biden’s speech] was one of the most disgusting speeches an American president has ever given. He ran as being a unifier, and he’s basically saying to the vast majority of the country that disapproves of him that they’re effectively a threat to the republic. He dodders, he lashes out. But at the end of the day, his policies are why there’s so much opposition to him.”

He added:

โ€œItโ€™s been said that the President of the United States is whoever is feeding the teleprompter. They fed that teleprompter in in Philadelphia last night. He angrily delivered that speech and lashed out at his fellow countrymen.โ€

Speaking about Biden’s attempt to backtrack his divisive speech, DeSantis said he was “asked off the cuff and said something totally opposite.” He continued:

โ€œBut theyโ€™re tweeting from his account the same nasty stuff that he said last night. And so I think the people that are in control of the White House want to drive this message that people who dissent from his policies are somehow second-class citizens.โ€


It seems that way. Anybody who opposes Biden’s agenda seems to be ridiculed and called all kinds of names.

DeSantis spoke about Biden’s failed record:

“He came in and he opened the border, and we’ve seen what a disaster that’s been. He kneecapped American energy. We’ve seen how that’s hurt millions and millions of people across our country. They’ve inflated the currency. We have one of the worst inflations we’ve had in over 40 years. So of course, people are going to be upset at all the wreckage that he’s left in his wake. He is the American Nero. He’s a failed leader.”

As former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany pointed out on Thursday, Biden ridicules “MAGA Republicans” and then claims he is an American President, “not of Red American or Blue American.” That is the way it’s supposed to be, but he can try and backtrack that speech, and the people will not forget when voting in November.


As I previously reported, a Virginia voter switched from a registered Democrat to a registered Independent after Biden’s speech. She likely was not the only Democrat who disapproved of Biden’s hate-filled speech.


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