John Fetterman Blames Washington for Economic 'Mess' Even as Democrats Control D.C.

AP Photo/Marc Levy

Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman is blaming Washington, D.C., for the economic “mess.” Maybe somebody forgot to tell Fetterman that the Democrats control the House, Senate, and Presidency.


In a 30-second ad, Fetterman said:

“The truth is that our economy is a mess because of Washington. The rich, powerful, the insiders and the lobbyists. They’re lying about me to take the heat off themselves. It’s Washington’s fault … Washington to Blame.”

This argument by Fetterman will not work. It seemed like he was pulling away in the polls, but comments like this won’t do anything to move the needle for the undecided voters, simply because that economic “mess” is due to Democratic policies and due to Joe Biden caving to the far-left wing of the party, and trying to appease them, more than the moderate Democrats and Independents who voted for him in 2020.

Fetterman continued:

“They set the rules, weakened our supply chain and spiked inflation. But we can fix our economy … We must make more stuff in America, cut taxes for working families. Congress shouldn’t play in the stock market. And take on anyone that gets in the way. That’s what I believe in.”

Well, the economy can definitely be fixed by voting for GOP candidates in November. We have seen what a Democratic majority does in just a year and a half. Imagine four years of a Democratic majority.

Credit where credit is due. Fetterman makes a couple of good points. Cut taxes for the middle class, manufacture more made-in-America products, and members of Congress should not “play in the stock market.” However, Democrats, who have the majority, have not cut taxes for the middle class, more families are living paycheck-to-paycheck, and working families have a huge burden on their backs too. Those are the two groups that Democrats target every election cycle, yet neither group seems to feel any relief under the Biden administration. Senators Jon Ossoff (D-GA) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) have introduced bills to ban insider trading. Yet, the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), rejects that notion because she is one of the biggest beneficiaries.


So, again, Fetterman is saying the right things, but if he becomes Senator, will he actually follow through? Likely not, as we have not seen Democrats in the majority taking steps to ban insider trading and cut middle-class taxes.

If this is Fetterman’s approach to win the undecided vote, it will not move the needle. Families are hurting from inflation, and they are still struggling with gas prices in most areas.


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