One Year After the Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal, General Jack Keane Says 'Taliban in Charge'

It has been one year since the Afghanistan withdrawal that left 13 of our heroes dead. On August 15, 2021, Biden withdrew troops from Afghanistan. Some agreed with his decision; some disagreed with his decision. But many people disagreed with the way the withdrawal took place. 11 of the 13 troops killed were Marines. After 20 long years in Afghanistan, the withdrawal took place; however, it was an unorganized, disastrous withdrawal, and the Biden administration ignoring it will not make the reality disappear.


Biden did not mention the disastrous withdrawal during his State of the Union speech. He has tried to avoid speaking about it, and he seems to have succeeded because the mainstream media does not seem interested in covering the topic or reporters pressing him to answer why they decided to withdraw the way they did. But we will not forget the heroes that died in Afghanistan.

Retired four-star general and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Jack Keane told Fox News:

“It’s a year later, and it’s still hard to fathom we did here. The president made a huge strategic error, in my judgment, in declaring an unconditional withdrawal with a date certain in Afghanistan, which turned out to be an unconditional surrender. And now we have the Taliban in charge doing what they were doing 20-plus years ago: providing sanctuary to al Qaeda.”

The Taliban is parading and celebrating today.


Keane continued:

“Now, we know in those 20 years and for the sake of our troops and our intelligence service and our contractors who were there providing service. I mean, your mission was accomplished. That mission was to prevent the radicals inside of Afghanistan from attacking the United States. That did not occur. We have had no foreign terrorist attack on the United States from Afghanistan. But what a debacle this decision has created. It’s an accelerant for our adversaries, as we can see. And Russia and Ukraine, China and Taiwan and the mischief that the Iranians are up to in the Middle East, to be seen. And the devastation is, as Trey pointed out, as is clear and evident, the suffering of the Afghan people, what they’re leaving behind, close to 80,000.”

Keane concluded, saying:

“I mean, how shameful is that, that we were not committed to get everybody out for as long as it took, and we should have insisted upon that with the Taliban and put our feet to the fire and just told them straight up: listen, we’re going to stay here and get our people out. You are now in Kabul, and we know where you are. If you’re going to stop us from doing that, then you’re going to feel the might of the United States on you as a result of it. But no, we folded out and left, and we left them behind. It’s a sad situation. It’s still, as I said, difficult to accept what we did.”

These heroes are gone, but they will never be forgotten.


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