Victims' Families Infuritated as George Gascon Tries to Vacate Death Sentences of Several Violent Criminals

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Disgraced Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon is continuing his soft-on-crime stance. This time, he is reviewing cases, as he looks to release several violent criminals back onto the streets.


Gascon claims:

“The reality is a death penalty doesn’t make us safer. It is racist. It’s morally untenable, its irreversible and expensive … And it’s not just off the table going forward. I am committed to resentencing those currently on death row to life in prison.”

There is a reason those criminals are on death row. Here are a few of the inmates who are not on death row due to Gascon’s pro-crime policies:

(1998) Cameron Ward — gang member who killed two teenagers for crossing into this neighborhood.

(1995) Donald Smith — convicted by a jury of killing two men to take their business.

Douglas Kelly, a personal trainer — sexually assaulted and then stabbed his client 30 times with a pair of scissors.

Katerine Thompson — hired a man to kill her husband in order to collect a $400,000 life insurance policy.

All those inmates listed have been removed from death row.

Cathy Kady, a former prosecutor for 30 years, tells Fox News:

“Gascon is now essentially trying to undo every possible death sentence in Los Angeles County. And this is going back several decades – cases that happened 30 years ago, 40 years ago … Surviving murder victims’ families relied on this sentence knowing that justice was going to be done. And for the public, it is equally devastating because these people could then be released into our communities.”

In 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom imposed a ban on executions and opposes the death penalty. This year, the career politician decided to dismantle death row. But when questioned about crime in his state, whether it’s smash-and-grabs, murder, hate crimes, and more, he acts surprised and always passes the blame onto someone else like a true politician would. As my colleagues and I have covered extensively the lawlessness that is taking place in Los Angeles and San Francisco, none of these career politicians seems to care; however, the citizens are left with no choice but to defend themselves.


Kady continued:

“In any case charged from this day forward, the District Attorney’s Office will not seek the death penalty. The District Attorney’s Office will not defend existing death sentences and will engage in a thorough review of every existing death penalty judgment from Los Angeles County with the goal of removing the sentence of death.”

Kady also spoke about the victims’ families:

“For the families, this is really devastating … What’s happening in Los Angeles is that the district attorney’s office, based on policy only, is going through systematically and trying to undo every death sentence that has ever occurred in this county.”

“His office is telling families, don’t worry, nothing really changes. If that is the case, why do it? The sentence that the judge imposed essentially is going to be meaningless if these people are then entitled to get a parole hearing based on the elder or youthful parole law.”

This is not the first time that families have been infuriated with Gascon’s boneheaded policies.


If the recall gets on the ballot, the voters will throw George Gascon out in November. Now that Los Angeles County residents are seeing first-hand the damages that a pro-crime, far-left DA causes, they will elect a tough-on-crime DA.


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