'He Shot My Arm Off!': 80-Year-Old Store Owner Shoots Armed Robber, Leaves Him Screaming

AP Photo/ Rick Bowmer

22-year-old good guy with a gun Elijah Dickens (who had no military training) killed a bad guy with a gun, literally seconds from clearing his weapon and shooting. The left didn’t defend or praise Dickens — Dickens had the nerve to bring a concealed weapon into a mall. The left’s best argument was to scream about the Greenwood Mall having rules forbidding concealed weapons. By pure coincidence, the bad guy didn’t pay attention to either feckless mall rules, or the penal code. He concealed a long rifle and once inside, started shooting. News Flash: Bad guys don’t care about violating rules or statutes.


A good guy with a gun isn’t all that unusual. People defend their property from armed thugs and robbers all the time. Sometimes it ends with no one dead. Sometimes it ends with the bad guy dead.

In June 2022, Joe Teague, a 93-year-old man who was frustrated at the constant burglaries, shot and critically injured a home intruder. The bad guys kicked down his door. He tried to place them under “citizen’s arrest” but they didn’t listen, and one got shot for not listening.

In May 2022, a woman in West Virginia with a concealed carry, killed a thug before he had a chance to murder a mass of people.

In 2019, at the West Freeway Church of Christ, a man intent on mass murder was killed by good guys with guns.

I could name dozens of incidents where good guys with guns stopped a bad guy with a gun. Here are just 11 times that it happened. Media amplify when cops fail to do their job or scold that a good guy with a gun didn’t read a shopping mall’s “don’t do” list.

If we had 50 states with “Castle Laws” and people trained in firearms, the results would be a drop in crime. This isn’t based on stats, it is based on common sense. Cops have recently pulled back on proactive policing, and the result has been a surge in gun violence. If bad guys thought that they had a good chance of being shot while robbing a store or a home. Crime would drop. If business owners would praise employees who defend their businesses rather than fire employees who defend them with lethal force, crime would drop.


On Sunday, in Norco, California, a good guy with a gun defended himself from four bad guy robbers. At least one had a gun. Where’s the short video and the feel-good result? The robber with a gun is shot and yells that his arm has been “shot off”.

The cowards all panicked and, in their panic, they almost left one of their fellow criminals behind. All were arrested at the hospital.

“Good guys with guns” do happen. They just get memory-holed because it doesn’t fit the narrative.


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