Victim of Hit-and-Run Blames George Gascon, Supports the Recall

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In August 2021, a teenage driver hit a California mother in Los Angeles County. The mother, Rachel Hart, was walking her baby in a stroller when the reckless driver struck her.


Since then, she has become the face of the recall George Gascon campaign. The citizens of Los Angeles County seem beyond fed up with Gascon’s soft-on-crime, victimizing criminals approach. People in the county feel unsafe, and they are sending a message to Gascon by signing the recall petition and being vocal within their communities, calling to get rid of Gascon.

Hart said that she did everything possible to see that her attacker, who was a juvenile out on probation, would get the toughest charges possible; but he was charged with only two counts of assault to harm and one felony hit-and-run.

Per Fox News:

“I still thought, ‘OK, maybe he’ll get five years.’ For me, that was a really low bar,” Hart said on “Fox & Friends First” Thursday. “Five months is what he got.”

Crime has risen in Los Angeles due to Gascon’s reckless policies. Criminals have not been serving their full sentencing and that is due to Gascon wanting to “reduce prison time” for criminals.  There have been countless examples of why Gascon should be recalled, and replaced by a tough-on-crime DA, especially in the largest county in the country.


“The probation officer certainly made a lot of mistakes it sounds like, but had it not been for Gascon’s soft-on-crime policies, this guy would be behind bars right now.” Hart said.

Hart was not involved in the recall Gascon movement, but that quickly changed once she was struck by the reckless driver.

“I didn’t understand that the DA can have such a negative or positive impact on an entire county,” she said.

The recall Gascon campaign needed to collect 566,857 signatures to get the recall on the ballot. They surpassed that total two weeks ago. As the signatures are being verified, the campaign cautioned citizens of Los Angeles County that they need around 150,000 extra signatures, in case during the verification process, a few of the signatures are not counted.

Hart stated that although the recall will likely be on the ballot in November, Gascon will remain as DA until then, continuing to victimize criminals.

“It’s really hard to wrap your head around the fact that one person can be responsible for so much disaster, but like I said, from the top down, he is the ultimate party who’s responsible for all of this.”


Following San Francisco voters recalling DA Chesa Boudin, the momentum to recall Gascon has been greater than ever. It’s also worth noting this is not a “Republican recall” or “Republican takeover.” Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are united to make sure the streets are safe again, criminals serve their time in prison, and although the progressives and leftist “activists” want Gascon to remain in power, there are so many people pissed off and feeling unsafe, that the so-called activists will not be able to sway the results of this recall.

If and when the recall is on the ballot, voters in Los Angeles County will get an opportunity in November to vote for a return to safety and sanity.


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