The Mob Goes After... Jerry Rice?

Yesterday I wrote a post about the (over)reactions people were having to this Colin Kaepernick thing. So now, in the interest of fairness, I am going to tell you about a series of much more insane overreactions to another voice that has chimed in on this controversy. That voice belongs to perhaps the greatest wide receiver and San Francisco 49er in the history of the NFL, Jerry Rice:



If you read the responses to the tweet, it’s an unrelenting stream of vitriol directed towards one of the most respected people to ever play the game of football for either saying “All Lives Matter” or for expressing his view that the pre-football game National Anthem is not an appropriate venue for a political protest. Rice is also being roasted by figures in the sports media and all the SJW social media warriors you would expect to be involved.


Good grief, everyone. If you can muster this level of anger at Jerry effing Rice over THAT tweet, you need to re-examine your entire life to determine where you went wrong to allow this much senseless anger into your heart. Seriously. Then find a hobby, preferably something that will allow you make something tangible with your hands; I’ve heard that can be tremendously cathartic.


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