Watch Trump Lie to his Fans, to Enthusiastic Applause

You can take away a lot of things from this past week in Trumpland, if you are determined enough to view things positively for Trump. You can think he’s fine, you can think these controversies will blow over and he will rebound, you can think the media or the Democrats will outplay their hand, or whatever the latest talking point is about how great things are for Trump. I wouldn’t know; I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh anymore.


What you can’t say, and what even Limbaugh and Coulter and Ingraham won’t say, is that the Republican party is more unified than it’s ever been. It’s just patently false. In fact, by literally any measure, the Republican party is more disunified than they ever have been two weeks after their party convention.

Hand it to Trump, though, he tells this lie with apparent total conviction:

Of course, Trump himself knows better than to believe it, most of his audience does (and in fact they do not care whether it is true or not anyway) but they clap uproariously like a bunch of poorly trained seals who are whistling past the graveyard anyway. Wheee, what an election year.


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