Is Hillary Clinton Even Running for President?

I took pictures of at two different points yesterday. Obviously, this is just one media outlet, but it’s fairly representative of the coverage I have seen from around the media spectrum today. Note that Hillary Clinton just finished her convention and has done her own media tour over the weekend. This was from this morning:


And this is from tonight:

Exactly one mention of Hillary Clinton, and that’s a sidebar note indicating that she’s retaken the lead in the polls.

All over both television and the Internet yesterday, it was the same thing. Everyone talked all day about Trump. Clinton was mentioned in the context of her post-DNC bounce, but mainly to illustrate that Trump has fallen. Otherwise, it was Trump, Trump, Trump everywhere.

Even here at RedState we saw it. We had a few stories on the front page yesterday that were critical of Clinton. Whenever those stories were in the top slot, traffic bombed. Put up a story about Trump, the traffic goes back up. Clinton’s actual presence is beside the point. Everything is about what prism you view the phenomenon of Trump through.

The interesting thing is that this is by design, on the part of both campaigns. I have written here before that always being the topic of conversation is a deliberate tactic on Trump’s part. Where other people have a crisis management team, he has a crisis creation team. He always has to have the media talking about him, no matter what. Meanwhile Hillary’s strategy has been since day one of her primary to keep as low a profile as possible, avoiding the media as much as she feels like she can get away with. In the primary she did it so as to not dent her aura of inevitability; in the general she is doing it in the belief that Trump will destroy himself.


Both candidates are now playing that role to perfection. The interesting thing will be to see whose gamble with respect to the media will work. Because both of them are playing their hands exactly the way they want to so far.


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