Trump: I Never Said Russia Didn't or Wouldn't Invade Ukraine (Yes He Did)

When I saw this tweet this morning, it made me literally laugh out loud.


What a clown. Let’s review the bidding. Here is Trump yesterday, stating in unequivocal, clownish terms, that Russia would not do something they had already done:

Trump’s position was so unequivocal (and ludicrous) that the GOP trotted out a stooge to take the Russian propaganda position that Russia has literally not annexed Crimea. This is what the Republican party must do now in order to continue supporting Trump thanks to the stupid things he says. Things which are not really unclear at all, they’re just misinformed and clueless.

Now Trump comes back after all of this and tries to say, “That’s what I was saying all along! He’s in Ukraine and he’s going to push to get more of it!” Which is, of course, the exact opposite of what he just said.

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