Here's an Idea so Dumb and Pointless that it Will Definitely Happen in 2016

Oh, good Lord. Apparently, someone came up with the idea of a “daughters’ summit” between Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump to discuss the, you know, negativity surrounding the 2016 campaign, and this endlessly pointless idea may actually happen. Sadly for all of us, the event will probably be televised, broadcast into our living rooms, and then endlessly discussed by the cable news programs as though it actually mattered.

Meanwhile, zero per cent will actually change between Trump and Clinton, who both have no other choice than to play the American public against the other, since the American public good and hates both of them on their own merits (and for good reason). Chelsea and Ivanka will both increase their television brand, and one or the other (or both) will use it as a catapult to run for office – both as Democrats, of course.

This is where we are as a country, though. Maybe we’re so devoid of actual issues that plague us that a fake reality summit between the quasi-celebrity daughters of the Presidential candidates is exactly what we need to distract us from the aimless wandering of our existence and the nagging feeling that America’s days as a country that actually accomplished things that changed the world are likely over, as evidenced by the fact that we are likely to have either Donald freaking Trump or Hillary freaking Clinton as our next President. And as further evidenced by the fact that we have serious conversations that are the subject of national news about whether trans women can have abortions or not.

Welcome to 2016, where this terrible idea will definitely happen. Eat at Arby’s.