SENIOR MOMENT? Trump Confuses Tim Kaine for Tom Kean (VIDEO)

This one I guess goes more under the category of “amusing” than damning, but it is sort of hilarious how clueless Trump gets when discussing anything that occurs more than 50 miles or so from Manhattan. Trump was doing a presser today and decided to take a tangent to attack Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s VP choice. Kaine is relatively high profile if you follow politics even a little bit – he was governor of Virginia, Senator of Virginia, former DNC chair – the guy has been around. And since becoming Hillary’s VP choice, his record has come under even more public scrutiny.


That did not, however, stop Donald Trump today from confusing him with for, I guess, former New Jersey governor Tom Kean.

The reporter who corrected Trump about 20 seconds into his rant did the world a giant disservice today. He could very easily have played along for hours, letting Trump go on about Tim Kaine’s awful record in “New Jersey.” Instead, this jerk, who probably sat in the front row and answered every question in class, robbed the country and the world at large  of several minutes of Trump related hilarity. Way to go, random reporter jerk. Everyone hates you.



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