No One Should Ever Vote for Someone Who Broke their Pledge to the GOP

Listen, I think a lot of the outrage over Ted Cruz’s speech last night is 100% staged for effect for the benefit of Trump and media ratings. As I stated earlier, I agree with Jonah that the idea that Ted Cruz somehow broke decorum is rich with irony after the media and pundits treated Trump’s months-long slog through the muck as some sort of amusing joke.

But there is one valid point – Cruz made a pledge to support the GOP nominee. And honoring one’s pledge is an important thing. It should definitely be taken into very serious consideration when deciding whether a person is honorable or worthy of support ever again.

So let’s take a look at what Cruz did and see whether we should refuse to vote for him ever again, based on his refusal to honor a solemn pledge that he made.

Oh no wait, sorry, that was TRUMP who broke his pledge to support the GOP nominee, four months ago! Well. I guess that’s another reason to never vote for Trump again.