In Rousing Speech, Scott Walker Pleads for Conservatives to Vote for Trump

In a speech that showed more energy and spirit than any he ever gave on the campaign trail, Scott Walker just made an impassioned plea for conservatives to vote for Trump. Pretty much 100% of his speech was about the evils of Hillary, and contained no actual reasons to vote for Trump other than the demonstrably false assertion that “a vote for anyone other than Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton.”

It was a sad thing to watch, in terms of “what might have been.” If Walker could have shed so many of the consultants that kept him down, and accessed some of the fire in the belly that we saw tonight, maybe we could have been spared the specter of Trump to start with. And make no mistake – that mattered to Scott Walker. It mattered enough to him that he dropped out of the race before any votes were counted because he considered it important enough to drop out of the race before a single vote was counted in the hopes of stopping Trump.

He considered it important enough to enthusiastically throw his arms around Ted Cruz and throw his considerable Wisconsin weight behind Cruz’s attempt to derail Trump. Walker’s actions spoke to his dedication to that cause.

Well. Everyone makes their decision about what constitutes the lesser of two evils, I suppose. Disappointing, coming from Walker, but not unexpected.