EXCLUSIVE - MN Delegate tells RedState they were Warned of "Consequences" by Trump Camp (VIDEO)

CLEVELAND, OH – RedState has been beating the pavement today talking to delegates from the states who allegedly pulled their petitions for a roll call vote on the Rules Committee minority report. One of the states that initially joined the petition for a Roll Call vote was Minnesota.


I caught up with Minnesota Delegate Andy Aplikowski today, and in an exclusive interview, he described how Republican party members and Trump campaign operatives, including Jeff Sessions’ chief of staff, descended on their delegation and attempted to get delegates to withdraw their signatures from the petition.

Mr. Aplikowski talks about the importance of the reforms that were proposed to the rules, and how they had nothing to do with unbinding delegates for Trump. The RNC was able to convince Trump delegates and campaign operatives to the contrary because it’s an esoteric issue and many of them aren’t super bright. Either that or they are just super thrilled about the RNC taking their power away anyway.

He also describes how RNC/Trump operatives told the Minnesota delegation that there would be “consequences” for a “yes” vote, that they would withhold funding from Minnesota candidates and cut off Victory funds. Take a look.


This convention will be the final alienation of conservatives by the Republican party, and not just because of Trump. They have demonstrated over and over that they simply do not care about conservatives or for their input. Neither do they care about the alleged concerns of the Trump supporters. They have neatly regained their footing after the Trump surprise and have used the opportunity presented by his inept campaign to consolidate power for themselves.



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